Join Little Joshy as he experiences the magic of London. This enchanting book offers young readers an exciting journey that explores the historical places of the city and teaches them interesting facts along the way. It's a journey you won't soon forget!

Josh and the Queen's guard book cover
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Joshy and the Queen's Guard

Joshy is a 7-year-old from Atlanta, GA, USA, who has been given a trip to London, England, by his grandparents.

Joshy has always been fascinated with the red-jacketed Queen's Guard and can't wait to see one in person. The book takes you along his journey through London with all its fantastic and historical places. Joshy ultimately gets to see and meet Quincy, one of the Queen's Guards, with the help of a London Metropolitan Police Officer. Winston, the stuffed bear that Joshy carries with him, will give you fun facts throughout the book, making the journey enjoyable and educating.

  • Published: May 19, 2022

  • Pages: 42 Pages

  • Category: Children's Books

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Josh and the Queen's guard book cover

Little Joshy and the Queen's Guard: A Trip to London

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Josh and the Queen's guard book cover

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